Routine Cleaning

It’s essential for every home to look its best in order for residents to relax. Whether you live in an apartment or a suburban home, cleanliness is important. Cleaning your home on your own can lead to stress and a dirty house, especially if your life is hectic and busy. It can also be exhausting to do it yourself, so let us handle it for you!

We offer professional cleaning at its best through a team of expert cleaners and the most modern cleaning equipment. Using our heavy-duty cleaning products and tools, we can take on any cleaning job to leave your home looking perfect every day (or every week— your choice) with our routine cleaning service. A clean home is a comfortable home.

Routine Cleaning

By combining advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools, and cleaning protocols, we remove the maximum amount of soil, reducing the risk of sickness, and creating a clean environment. It can also help prevent the spread of viruses and diseases, when delivered frequently.

We use:

  1. Hospital-grade disinfectants
  2. Color-coded Microfiber cloths (traps 99% of dirt)
  3. Microfiber NO DIP flat mops (no cross contamination)
  4. HEPA Vacuum (traps 99.7% airborne allergens)

Our routine cleaning service includes regular, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly options as well as the option to create your own custom cleaning schedule. Let Klean By Khan take care of your residential cleaning needs and watch your home become more comfortable, your family more happy, and feel more focused on what you do best.

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Cleaning Professionals

Our cleaners have extensive cleaning & hospitality experience. We bring all the cleaning supplies.

We Care

Our cleaners and clients are important to us. Highest standards of cleanliness.

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Our client service team is available by phone, online chat, text or email whenever you need us.

Simple Booking Process

Generate an instant quote and book online. All quotes are based on the number of hours spent cleaning.

Work Process

How It Works



Easily select your desired date, time, and location.



We send one of our trusted cleaners over to clean your place and provide the best cleaning service to you.



You can sit back and relax while our professional cleaners take care of your cleaning needs.